A street has been celebrating the return of its lighting, after several weeks of darkness, following an online campaign.

The lamps in Aldridge Avenue, Stanmore, had been out since the middle of August, leaving its residents fearing for their safety at night.

At least one property suffered a break in, and neighbours spoke of how they felt forced to run from their cars to their homes during the evenings.

Harrow Council referred the issue to UK Power Networks (UKPN) but, after assurances that the problem would be fixed, the lights remained off.

A campaign which gathered pace on social media saw several people make contact with both the council and UKPN on behalf of those in Aldridge Avenue.

In a post on the #Fixit Harrow network, it was suggested that those concerned should travel to the road in question and put up LED lights as a way of highlighting the issue.

And after intervention from council leader Sachin Shah, as well as footage shot by Mahendra Halai showcasing the problem, it was promised that the lighting would return.

Some of those who had been involved in the campaign met up in Stanmore to check that this was delivered upon, and they left more than satisfied when the bright lights were switched back on.

Mr Halai said he was relieved to have the street lighting back and explained how it has made an instant difference.

“You could tell straight away how much better it was and, immediately, everyone felt safer,” he said.

“I’m still not too sure why it took so long to get sorted but we’re all relieved that, finally, the jobs done.”

Caren Duhig, who runs the #Fixit group, said those who went down to the ‘switch on’ were “jumping for joy” when they realised they were working.

“It’s certainly something to celebrate. The main thing is that these people have got their lights back,” she said.

“It shows what we’re trying to do – to raise awareness and try and find solutions to whatever issues people are experiencing.

“No one should feel vulnerable or scared, particularly with the nights growing longer, and we were glad to be able to help.”