A nasty collision between a bus and a car on a busy main road has reinforced concerns over road safety levels.

People living close to Headstone Lane, which runs between Hatch End and North Harrow, have noted that there has been a number of collisions there in recent months.

This latest incident, which involved a H14 bus and a small car near the junction with Mullion Close, saw both drivers taken to hospital.

Jamie Woolford, of Tillotson Road, witnessed the accident and, along with his friend, Roy Meshaka, and his neighbours, came to the aid of those involved.

He said: “We were just clearing out some space when we heard a massive screech and a big bang.

“We rushed over to see what had happened and the car was pretty banged up. The driver had taken a blow to the head and the passenger to her chest.

“They were in quite a bit of shock but we just helped them get out the car and made sure they were okay before the emergency services stepped in.

“Everyone around was really helpful, bringing out tissues and bottles of water and things like that.”

Jamie explained how this was not the first incident close to his home and he was concerned that it was becoming a bit of a blackspot.

He noted how there was a crash three weeks ago and another a month before that though, fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.

Harrow Council have assured drivers and residents that they carry out regular inspections and frequently assess incident statistics to provide the best protection possible.

In a statement, it said: “We carry out regular assessment and reviews of all our roads and highways to ensure they are safe for both drivers and pedestrians.

“The junction in question is clearly covered with double yellow lines and give way markings to ensure traffic is flowing safely.”

It urged people to report any concerns they might have via the website and added that it will continue to review data in a bid to reduce accidents in the future.