A group of volunteers are carrying out a membership drive as it lays out its hopes and plans for the future.

Friends of Pinner Village Gardens is hosting a new members’ event in the “beautiful little park” to raise awareness and outline its exciting upcoming projects.

The event takes place on September 30 and October 1 between 10am and 4pm, with music and free tea and coffee available.

Antonia Savvides, who is part of the group, explained how it would be an excellent opportunity for people to come and meet the current members and talk about what they do.

There will also be a children’s nature trail and a light-hearted table tennis tournament with prizes on offer.

Antonia noted how a lot of work needs to be done to ensure that the park remains in good condition, and indeed improves, and the best way to start is through increased membership of a specific friends’ group.

She said: “This is a lovely park but it’s the smallest in Pinner and one of the least well-known.

“Therefore it tends to be one of the more neglected parks and it receives less attention in terms of funding.

“But that doesn’t mean that things can’t be done. We just need to have organisation and work out how it’s best to go forward.”

She added how membership to the friends’ group costs just £5 a year and people can come and do whatever they can to help out.

She also pointed out how the park has so much potential to become a real highlight in Pinner and Harrow as a whole and, as such, there are lots of exciting projects in the pipeline.

“We’re looking to revamp the whole children’s play area, which is something which really needs addressing,” she explained.

“Then we want to get as many people as possible involved in planting around 2,000 bulbs to create a bluebell wood.

“And there’s also the Victorian drinking fountain; we want to see this become a fully-functioning fountain again. There’s lots to get involved with.”

For more information about the membership event, or for general enquiries, email friendsofpinnervillagegardens@gmail.com or call 0330 3558866.