An amateur poker player has been celebrating his biggest cash prize to date following an impressive performance at a PokerStars Main Event.

Aeragan Arunan, from Harrow, scooped a whopping $226,875 (£171,810) at a live championship competition in Barcelona.

The 21-year-old finished seventh overall in the No Limit Hold’em game and was the youngest player at the final table.

It was the most high-profile event he has taken part in and he explained how, initially, he was just grateful for the opportunity to compete.

He said: “I felt pretty relaxed all the way through. The whole tournament was just one big dream so I never felt under much pressure and was enjoying the experience.

“Barcelona is such a beautiful city with great people and great dogs, which is always a bonus.”

Aeragan is currently studying in Southampton and harbours ambitions to become a professional poker player.

Normally he takes part in cash games, both live and online, but he does occasionally enter tournaments – such as the Barcelona one last month.