An organisation which caters for the Gurung community of Nepal in the UK has celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Tamu Samaj UK, which seeks to provide assistance to the increasing number of Nepalese living in this country, held a special event at Harrow Leisure Centre.

More than 500 people attended the ceremony, which followed the opening of an official Tamu Samaj Community Centre in neighbouring Brent.

Chitra Gurung, founder and president of the group, explained how having its own location was important in aiding the Gurung community.

He added that the tenth anniversary celebrations were a recognition of how much it had achieved, particularly with regards to the rehousing of former Nepalese soldiers.

“We have helped a lot of Gurkhas, and it was nice for everyone to be able to celebrate this together in Harrow,” he said.

“The whole day was a huge success and we were delighted to have the support of many local councillors.”

A registered charity, Tamu Samaj UK wants to highlight the unique language, tradition and cultures of the Nepalese and Gurung communities.

It hopes that these celebrations will encourage more people, particularly youngsters, to get involved with the group.

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