A headteacher has expressed his pride in the fact that his students will be taking part in a race in honour of one of the school’s former pupils.

Andrew Griffin, from Vaughan Primary School, in West Harrow, will be giving encouragement to those taking part in the Sir Roger Bannister Family Mile.

The race takes place on September 17 at Harrow School and it will have a special meaning for the pupils of Vaughan.

Sir Roger was a student at the school when he was a boy, some years before he made history as the first person to run a mile in under four minutes.

Andrew said: “It’s a fantastic honour for the school to have such a recognised person, a true hero to lots of sports people.

“His achievement was one of the most momentous occasions we have seen in sporting history and for the children themselves, they’re honoured to be part of that legacy.”

Sir Roger’s influence has extended to a ‘Daily Mile’ at the school, where pupils can run around outside for up to 15 minutes.

Now some of them will be gearing up to take place in the ‘Family Mile’ at 9.20 on September 17.

Entry, which costs £5, is still open to participants at www.activetrainingworld.co.uk/events/2017/09/17/harrow_half