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Senova Dental Studios

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Saved by the drill

X factor Judge Tulisa chooses to put her trust in Dentist Dr David Bloom.

The Nation has taken Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz fame, to their hearts as she proves her worth and popularity as a new X-Factor judge.

Watford Observer: Senova - David & Tulisa

Arguably she is the golden girl of the moment and whilst sporting a new polished and sophisticated image she has also decided to treat herself to a new celebrity smile! She voted ‘YES’ to having her treatment carried out by the extremely talented Dr David Bloom and the team at Senova Dental Studios in the heart of Watford. The two lead dentists Dr David Bloom and Dr Jay Padayachy not only have massive talent in the fields of cosmetic and general dentistry but their credentials are backed up by professional qualifications, prestigious industry awards and many years of experience. They were both chosen as the dentists for the hit TV show Extreme Makeover UK.

Luke Barnett (residing in Berkhamsted) the ceramist who crafts the teeth has worked closely with David, Jay and Senova Dental Studios for over 15 years. They have become a formidable team and arguably provide some of the top cosmetic dentistry in the UK. This must be why Celebrities such as Tulisa and model Sophie Anderton, to name but a few, have chosen to have dental treatment at Senova Dental Studios.

Luke, David and Jay put down their success to a real passion to create the perfect smile and the proximity in which they work “Having our studios virtually next door to each other means we can really offer a superb service and I can meet all Senova patients, before, during and after their smile makeover. Most dental surgeries do not have this luxury, the work is sent off to a lab and communication is much harder”, says Luke

Luke, David and Jay put down their success to a real passion to create the perfect smile and the proximity in which they work “Having our studios virtually next door to each other means we can really offer a superb service and I can meet all Senova patients, before, during and after their smile makeover. Most dental surgeries do not have this luxury, the work is sent off to a lab and communication is much harder”, says Luke Although successful, pretty and confident with healthy teeth before the treatment, Tulisa found she was self-conscious and not happy to smile. She didn’t want to show, what she thought was her excessive gum line. She thought her teeth were too short, so her treatment has included a gum lift (performed by Guy Mclellan) and full set of E-max veneers. Dr David Bloom expressed that “We may have improved the appearance of Tulisa’s teeth but most importantly we have improved the function and efficiency of her jaw and bite” stating that “she was an absolute pleasure to treat”

With every dental specialism under one roof, it’s no wonder Tulisa was quoted as saying of her treatment “I’m a very happy girl; my treatment at Senova has been absolutely great”.

Tulisa has matured into a shining star with a shining new smile to match!

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry call today on 01923 233600 for you free informal one to one with either David or Jay to discuss your needs and desires

Watford Observer: Senova - Before / After

If it is general private dentistry that you seek, but the price has always stopped you, look no further! Senova Dental Studios have been chosen as a regional training centre by The University of Warwick. In a nutshell, this means that Jay and David will be training postgraduate, fully qualified dentists on a specialist training path. Jay and David will conduct the initial examination and oversee all work undertaken. This has enabled Senova Dental Studios to be able to offer patients significant savings off treatments. To find out more, please call 01923 233600 as only 50 places available!

Senova Dental Studios (Opposite Palace Car park)
The Harlequin centre

Telephone: 01923 233 600
email: admin@senovadental.com
or visit www.senovadental.com

Watford Observer: Senova - David, Tulisa & Luke
Watford Observer: Senova Logo

Questions for Tulisa

Where you not happy with your teeth and why not?
My original teeth, I just hated them. I didn’t notice how much I hated them until I started being in the public eye, being photographed and on television. I remember looking at an interview of me one day of me laughing and me just hating my smile and that was the one thing I didn’t like about myself and said I always wanted to change. I didn’t like my gums, my gum line was wonky and some teeth were bigger than others. It used to really frustrate me.

What made you decide to have the treatment?
I used to look at these other celebrities with these smooth, perfect shiny teeth and used to think it’s possible, I want to be able to do that. And one day I just thought to myself, I wanna go for it, if it’s making me unhappy I need to just do it now and its the best thing I ever did.

Was it painful?
Some parts of it were painful, but the only part that was really painful for me was after having the gum lift it can be more uncomfortable for a few days, I had two procedures, a gum lift and the veneers. The gum lift was a bit uncomfortable because of the swelling but when I was actually having it done, anything I had done I never felt anything. The veneers feel like your own teeth its only the temporaries that can feel quite strange in your mouth but once you get the proper veneers that you’re going to have for life, they just feel like your natural teeth.

How long did it take?
I had the whole procedure done over a period of two months, but I did have a gum lift which took a month to heal and then the actual fitting of the veneers only took a week so depending on if you’re just going to get veneers done it would be a much quicker process. I had seen other dentists who had told me that there was nothing they could do because my jaw line was wonky and all these kinds of different excuses and that I wouldn’t be able to get my teeth done for another six months after wearing a brace and it wasn’t suitable for my line of work, I couldn’t do that. Then I met Senova Dental and here we go!

How does your new smile make you feel?
I’m settling into it a bit now, in the beginning I couldn’t stop smiling, I still can’t but in the beginning I really was like going around with my cheeks wide at either side with my friends going ‘oh my god you can’t stop smiling, even if there’s nothing to smile about’ I was just there laughing and smiling every five seconds because I was so proud of my teeth. Beforehand I couldn’t even open my mouth I was so embarrassed. It just makes me feel like a new person and literally changed my face and my smile. It’s important to feel comfortable to smile around people, with friends or in public. After having the procedure done, I now can. 100% I feel like I’ve got a lot more confidence after having it done.

What do you feel is the best part about your new smile?
The best part of my new smile is not having to be aware of my facial expressions when I’m on TV or when I’m being pictured, before I would be thinking about it every five seconds, don’t smile too much, keep your head down, turn to this side because on the right hand side the teeth weren’t so good. It’s literally being able to go on TV, do my job and do what I do best without having to worry about what my teeth look like. I can just smile, it has given me so much more confidence on camera

Have you had lots of compliments and if so by whom?
I have had loads of compliments; I think pretty much everyone I know complimented me when I had it done, from family and friends to celebrities. I’ve had celebrities, like girls from The Saturdays who love it so much that I’ve had to refer them so that they can get it done too. The whole x factor panel obviously complimented my teeth because I had it done while I was filming x factor.

How would you describe the treatment you received from David and Luke?
I would describe to treatment I received from David and Luke as life changing. If I had to put it in one word it really has been life changing and how comfortable they made me feel, I didn’t even have to go through the pain that most people would go through with those kind of procedures. I wouldn’t take it back for the world, even if I had to go through it ten times over it was so worth it and it just changed my life.

What impressed you most about David and Senova Dental studios?
I felt so comfortable when I came in and all the procedures where being done. A lot of the time people can feel under pressure, you know when you go to the dentist and all these tools are coming out and you start getting freaked out, but it just made me feel so relaxed and made me have confidence in the result, made me believe all the reasons why I should be doing this and that it is worth it and they were totally right. And the warm friendly environment. The best part for me was I could do it without feeling under pressure or panicking and around nice people who make you feel comfortable and safe.

Would you recommend their services?
I definitely would recommend their services and I already have recommended their services, that’s why David is now seeing two members of The Saturdays who want similar things done so yeah to anyone who will listen I would say go for it and if you’re going to do it, do it here!