Order in chaos seems to be the running theme in Derek Balmer’s upcoming exhibition at the Catto Gallery .

Serendipitous strokes and random pigments are brought together in more than two dozen new compositions that stand as a more adventurous re-interpretation of the artist’s trademark accidental style. Nonetheless, the majority of the collection is rooted in a definite sense of place, drawing on Balmer’s favourite landscapes - whether it be the block mustard tones of a Jordanian desert or the striking blue of the Aegean.

Through the intense juxtaposition of dramatic colours, and at times jarring patterns, the works can be appreciated as much for the interrelation between shapes and colours they present, as for the locations they depict. And it is the combination of consistently warm colours that effectively express Balmer’s positive sentiments towards the geographical subjects of his paintings, as well as with his general philosophy on art itself - “There are no absolutes in art- only opinions.”

  • Derek Balmer’s The Flux of Life is at Catto Gallery, Heath Street, Hampstead from September 6-25, Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sundays 12.30pm to 6pm. Details: 020 7435 6660, www.cattogallery.co.uk