Conservative David Lloyd has won the election to become Hertfordshire’s first police and crime commissioner.

The former chairman of Hertfordshire Police Authority won in the second round voting following yesterday’s election.

The election was decided by the supplementary voting system, in which voters select a first and second choice.

To win a candidate has to get more than 50 per cent of the vote. If no one does this on the first preference votes, all but the top two are eliminated and the second preference votes are counted.

Mr Lloyd won 46 per cent of the first preference votes putting him within touching distance of the finish. He was then pushed over the 50 per cent mark on second preference votes.

Labour’s Sherma Batson went up against him in the second round after coming second in the first round with 29 per cent.

Liberal Democrat candidate Christopher Townsend was eliminated after the first round after coming third with 14 per cent, as was UKIP’s Marion Mason on 11 per cent.

Mr Lloyd’s victory means he will oversee Hertfordshire Constabulary for the next four years. He will have power over the forces budget and can hire and fire the chief constable.