A teenager has appeared in court after drunkenly attacking a submarine float in the pond, which celebrated an award for the management of the Watford’s nightlife.

Daniel Savage, 19, admitted damaging the model outside Oceana nightclub and has been ordered to attend a Drinkwise course and stay in at night.

He was also ordered not to go to any place where alcohol is served from 6pm until the beginning of the New Year and must stay in his home between 10pm and 4am.

Prosecutor Laura Blackband told St Albans Crown Court today that Savage kicked the submarine float before being chased down the High Street by officers, who arrested him.

Savage, of Rushton Avenue, Watford, pleaded guilty to damaging the float following a heavy drinking session.

In a letter he wrote to the judge he said that he was very drunk and was now "very sorry" for his actions.

He said he ran away from police because at the time he was under a suspended sentence.

Judge John Plumstead told Savage said: "Unless you get your drinking under control, you will keep causing harm. You have made a fool of yourself with this crime."

In addition to the curfew, Savage will have to complete a Drinkwise course and was sentenced to a 12 month community order. The 21 month suspended sentence he was serving has been extended by three months.

The submarine appeared in the pond after Watford won a purple flag award, which recognises good management of night time economies.

The town received the accolade in September after Watford Borough Council applied for it.

It was officially unveiled outside town hall at a ceremony attended by dignitaries from the town hall, Hertfordshire Constabulary and various clubs and pubs.