A youth club dedicated to steering children off the streets has been set up at an Abbots Langley church .

BeatBox Youth Club will take place every other Saturday in Abbots Langley Baptist Church after members of the church noticed a rise in complaints ‘over young people getting up to no good".

The youth club is inviting children between the ages of five and 14-years-old to come along and take part in fun activities.

So far the boys have been involved in building a scooter ramp and track outside with wood, donated by Kings Langley Builders, and the girls have taken part in nail art workshops and karaoke sessions.

Youth leader Debbie Knowles said: "We have organised the youth club to get kids off of the streets.

"At the church, we would sometimes notice children banging on the church windows in the evening and lots of them hanging around on the High Street, which creates negative opinions of them.

"I would hear residents complaining about them causing trouble, but I think it’s because they have nothing better to do and are bored.

"We really wanted to help and the youth club is a safe place and will give kids something to do.

"It is a place where they can come and chill out and make friendships."

Currently eight volunteers run BeatBox and so far it has had a positive outcome, with 15 children coming along to their first session.

Debbie, who has been going to the church for four years, said the response has been ‘amazing’ and parents are really pleased their children have something to do.

The youth club leader has two young sons and says this was another reason that pushed her to get behind the youth club project. She added: "I have two young sons and I would dread to think about them growing up and having to play on the streets because there isn’t a place for them to go. "So far the response has been great and we have really enjoyed getting to know the children.

"Finally, they are opening up and we are building relationships, which is really lovely.

"We have future visions for the youth club and if we are able to get more volunteers on board, we hope to attract older young people and offer more activities including teaching the children how to play musical instruments."

The initiative to get children off the streets also follows the recent police announcement that officers are dealing with reports of youths congregating in the village and Bedmond.

Complaints of youths being abusive to passers-by at the junction of Langley Road and the High Street and youths congregating in the entrance of Abbots Langley Methodist Church was explained by PCSO Marijke Stevens- Keijzer at a village parish council meeting on Monday, November 12.

BeatBox youth club takes place every other Saturday between 1pm and 4pm and the next session will take place on Saturday, December 1 where BeatBox promises a music-filled disco night.

Children can apply for membership and BeatBox is currently offering 25 places. For more information contact Debbie Knowles on 07545555794 or email debbie@beatboxyouthclub.co.uk.