A former ballet teacher from Kings Langley will dance her way to the grand milestone age of 108 next week.

Keeping fit and morning stretches is what keeps Muriel Green young, as she looks forward to celebrating the grand old age of 108 on Monday, November 26.

Mrs Green will blow out the candles on her cake with friends and staff at her residence, Arden Nursing Home, in Hunton Bridge, Kings Langley.

London born, Mrs Green moved to Abbots Langley at the age of two, when her father bought Duck’s Farm.

She then moved to Kings Langley, after marrying her husband in her 20s and has lived there ever since.

Barbara Skrzypek, senior care home assistant, said: “I went in to see Muriel this morning, where she was lying down. She then moved back her blankets and stretched her legs right up in the air- as she does every morning.

“I don’t know how she does it, even at my age I can’t. This is definitely what keeps her young and fit.

Staff at the nursing home will bring in special presents for Mrs Green on Monday, including flowers and perfume they know she will like.

Barbara added: “We will all have a sing and a dance on Monday, including Muriel with some help.

“Her face lights up when it’s her birthday and this year will be no different.”

Mrs Green, who enjoys socialising with the other residents as much as she can, says morning stretches to keep active have always been a ‘routine’.
She said: “If you do something and you enjoy it, you will always stick to it.”

Theresa Tayag, who is the home manager, said a recent trip to Butterfly World, saw Mrs Green receive a lot of attention when visitors heard of her grand old age.

Ms Tayag, said: “People were coming up to Muriel and saying hello, because they couldn’t quite believe how old she was.

“She was really chatty and seemed to enjoy all the attention.

“Muriel is the oldest resident we have ever seen here at Arden. She really is an amazing lady.”