Hertfordshire’s new police commissioner has announced he intends to freeze the police element of Council Tax next year.

David Lloyd, who became the county’s first commissioner earlier this month, made a commitment to residents that there would not be an increase during his election campaign.

He said: "People are feeling the pinch and it would be wrong to increase their bills at this time. 

"Hertfordshire police finances are well managed and I am confident we shall be able to continue to drive down crime while keeping taxes low."

Details of the budget are still being discussed and Mr Lloyd will give an initial presentation next week.

For every £1 of Council Tax paid 74p goes to Hertfordshire County Council and 16p goes to the borough council. The final 10p goes to policing.

If the police element of tax is frozen, 2013 will be the third year running that residents have not seen an increase in their contribution to the county’s force.

Mr Lloyd added: "I intend to demonstrate to the panel that high quality policing can be maintained across Hertfordshire whilst the overall budget reduces.

"Ensuring the very best value for money is one of my top priorities and I will continue to work to promote front line policing provision."