The whereabouts of a missing remembrance book belonging to Leavesden Hospital has been relocated.

Martin Brooks, chairman of Leavesden hospital history association, contacted the Watford Observer back in October, claiming that a Jack the Ripper suspect may be buried in the north cemetery of Leavesden Country Park.

Said suspect, Aaron Kosminski, died as a patient at Leavesden Asylum in 1919 after being sent there in 1894 from Colney Hatch lunatic asylum.

He was born around 1864 and is listed in the 1901 census at Leavesden Asylum.

Although Mr Kosminski is said to be buried in East Ham Jewish Cemetery, Mr Brooks has said he would like to see a remembrance book relating to his burial year in order to clarify whether Mr Kosminski is actually buried there.

In the meantime, David O’Driscoll, who works for the NHS trust, has contacted Mr Brooks to say he has discovered a remembrance book belonging to Leavesden hospital.

Mr Brooks said: "Shortly after all the media coverage I was contacted by Mr O’Driscoll. He’s researching UK mental health through the ages for a book and had come across some ledgers as well as a remembrance book.

"I couldn’t believe it when he told me, I thought we might have found the key to the past.

"I’ve since found out that the book he has is from the 1970s, not the 1870s. However, it’s still part of Leavesden’s rich history and of huge importance.

"He’s also told me he has box full of books and old documents relating to Leavesden, so who knows what hidden gems are in there. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

"The search for these missing remembrance books has sparked a huge interest in history locally. But the hunt’s still on for the missing remembrance books."