A documentary featuring an Abbots Langley fitness expert is scheduled to air on Channel 5 on New Year's Day.

Nana Akua, otherwise known as LadyXsize appears in the documentary, 50 Shocking Facts about Diet and Exercise, and is set to reveal some alarming truths. The two-hour show examines fad diets, health foods and exercise regimes.

Ms Akua said: "There are things that people should know, but for some reason don’t. 

It’ll make you really step back and go ‘urgh!’, like the number of bacteria in gym bags and on gym floors for example. It can be disgusting."

The show includes the opinions of Ms Akua and other celebrities, industry experts and scientists on the effects of dangerous, weird and wacky weight loss attempts.

"There’s quite a few of us. It’s a countdown show of the top 50 problems and facts in the industry."

Shown on New Year’s Day, the documentary aims to help those who are trying to inject a health boost to the start of 2013.

Ms Akua said: "The New Year is when people say ‘It’s time for the new me’ and make New Year’s resolves; going to get fit, eat healthy, stop drinking, lose weight, whatever.

"These are things that people should know about so they don’t go about it in the wrong way."

Ms Akua has already featured on several health shows on the BBC, Sky and ITV. She has her own series on Fitness TV called Fit Gear, where she tests out the latest health and fitness products.

As well as this, the Abbots Langley star runs her own fitness business and classes for celebrities and health fanatics alike.

The documentary 50 Shocking Facts about Diet and Exercise will be shown on Channel 5 on New Year’s Day at 9pm.