A car park in Watford town centre is set to open overnight in response to more businesses opening in the area, its operator has announced.

The Harlequin Shopping Centre has said Church car park, off Exchange Road, will be extending its hours beyond 11pm from Monday December 31.

The extension comes in response to demands from car park users and the opening of more restaurants in Lower High Street.

Mike Stevens, general manager of The Harlequin, said: "We aim to provide our shoppers, and visitors to Watford town centre, with the best facilities to ensure an enjoyable experience.

"The changes to Church car park operating hours and the new tariff structure should enable visitors to enjoy the new restaurant development."

Currently the car park operates staggered charges until 7pm Monday to Friday, 10pm on Thursdays, 8pm on Saturdays and 6pm on Sundays, after which motorists pay a blanket £6 charge.

When the changes come, in the day time charges will be extended until 1am after which there will be a £1-an-hour charge.