Hornets striker Troy Deeney spent his birthday in jail after he was caught on CCTV kicking a student in the head outside a Birmingham nightclub.

His previous season at Watford FC saw him become the club’s most prolific scorer, with 12 goals to his name.

Hero postman Mike Izzard went well beyond the call of duty when he noticed the curtains of a home on his route were on fire.

The occupant, Ernest Currie, 88, had been alerted to the fire when his smoke alarm went off, but unable to find the source of the blaze, he ignored it.

When Mr Izzard arrived to drop off the mail, he noticed smoke coming from the front door. Upon discovering the flaming curtains, he tore them off the wall and jumped up and down on them in the garden.

The source of the fire was later identified as a magnification mirror reflecting sunlight on the curtains.

Plans for the “new look” Parade were unveiled by Watford Borough Council.

The £4million revamp included a bridge over the pond, which raised many an eyebrow.