The young and old are being encouraged to share their ideas for a ‘future of hope for Watford’.

This month, Watford New Hope Trust (WNHT), is running two initiatives as part of a challenge to encourage residents to transform their town.

The first scheme, Beauty from the Bins, will give people an opportunity to turn rubbish into works of art to be displayed at WNHT’s Day Centre.

The second plan is A Fruitful Future for Watford, which will take place in WNHT’s Market Garden involves residents planting a mini-orchard and creating a permanent outdoor collage displaying hopes and dreams for the community.


The All Age’s project aims to encourage young people and adults to work alongside each other to improve public spaces. 

It also aims to give people an opportunity to engage with homelessness in safe environment.

The project is funded by the government’s social active front and administered by the social investment business.

WNHT invites residents to write down their response to the phrase, ‘My hope for Watford is…’ and email, or post them to "A fruitful future for Watford", Watford New Hope Trust, Top Floor, 67 Queens Road, Watford, WD17 2QN.