Watford Grammar School for Girls held its annual Holocaust Memorial Evening, featuring a new play, and testimony from a concentration camp survivor.

Local religious groups, as well as independent and state schools, plus members of the public, attended the event on Wednesday.

This year’s programme featured a play written by Androulla Gordon, Head of Drama, which is based on the testimonies of Roman Halter and other survivors.

Then Harry Spiro, another survivor, told his story to the audience, before music and readings were performed by the students.

Holly Dalfen, the school’s holocaust conference coordinator, said: "Roman Halter and another survivor, Harry Fox, passed away in 2012.

"It was felt that it would be a fitting tribute to Roman, Harry and all living survivors, to perform the play this year during the memorial.

"Afterwards, many of the guests said how moved they were by the play, listening to Harry Spiro tell his story and the overall event."

Rabbi Freedman, from Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue, then conducted prayers, and the students lit seven candles.

These represent the six million Jews that were killed during the holocaust, and another to represent the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

This event is held every year in January, close to Holocaust Memorial Day.