Pupils at a Rickmansworth girls’ school gave the performance of their lives as they took to the stage at London’s O2 arena.

Year 6 pupils at Charlotte House Preparatory School for Girls joined 2007 Britain’s Got Talent finalist Connie Talbot and the African Children’s Choir for the Young Voices event on Monday night.

The 16 girls had spent months practising in the school choir before joining 3,000 other students for the showpiece performance in front of their parents and other fans.

Grace Mabilat, 10, said: "It was really brilliant, I was nervous at the beginning but being there with my friends was great.

"There were about 3,000 people singing and there were 16 of us from Charlotte House.

"The highlight for me was meeting the other people performing, we saw the African children’s choir, Connie Talbot and Randolph Matthews.

"It was great fun but we were there for a long time."

Millie Ward, 11, added: "It was really fun, there were so many people singing and it felt like it was something you could really just go for.

"This is the first time we have ever been there and I was very nervous in the rehearsal and before we started but as soon as the actual show began it was fine.

"Singing with Connie was really nice, I didn’t watch her on Britain’s Got Talent but I knew who she was."

Lara McGlane, 10, said: "I enjoyed it a lot.

"The whole thing was amazing but my particular favourite bit was when Randolph Matthews started making beatbox noises.

"We got told about this last year and have been looking forward to it ever since.

"Our parents were all there and they all joined in with the songs."

Ben Lewis, managing director of Young Voices said: "Every pupil should be exposed to music at an early age, whether the joy is singing, playing an instrument or loving the sound of music, the potential benefits are huge".

Music stars Alexandra Burke and Joss Stone have previously performed at Young Voices events.