Liberal Democrat councillors have backed the Police Crime Commissioner’s decision not to outsource back office police functions to G4S.

But the group has stressed the importance of preserving front line police numbers ahead of the budget discussion at next Thursday’s Police and Crime Panel meeting.

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd unveiled plans to remove 136 police officer and staff posts this year but would freeze the police precept.

Liberal Democrat county councillor, Chris White, said: "The Liberal Democrat team are watching the police budget very closely. 

“Significant savings need to be made, even more so now that Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner has appointed himself a deputy which means Herts Police now have to find an extra twenty thousand pounds a year to pay for her two days a week.

"Front line police numbers must not be cut to balance the books, especially when the Crime Commissioner and his deputy are pocketing£95,000 a year in salaries plus expenses."