A school boy from Bushey is starring in a daily weather sponsorship campaign on ITV's Daybreak.

George Hewett, eight, of Little Grove, stars in the Topps Tiles adverts which sponsors Daybreak’s National Weather.

The Little Reddings Primary School pupil spent four days filming the television campaign in November, which was first aired on January 4 and will run until the end of the year.

George’s mother, Louise Hewett, said: "I am terribly proud, obviously, because we are just a normal family. He is a normal child who goes to a normal school and lives in a normal house."

George’s father, Colin Churcher, owner of The Chocolate Bar in the parade in Watford, was having a photo shoot at his business when the photographer spotted George.

After having some professional photos taken, she and Colin sent them off to a number of agencies.

They ended up choosing TV and advert agency, Daisy and Dukes, based in Stanmore, because of recommendations from family and friends.

George’s nine-year-old brother, Sam, is also with the agency and has had a background role in ITV’s Endeavour - a drama about the life of a young Inspector Morse.

Louise said the campaign has caused quite a bit of a stir in school, as George does feature prominently in adverts.

Louise said: "George just lets it go over his head. He is so unfazed by it and he hasn’t turned into a drama queen."

There are ten sponsorship adverts and George appears in five of them.

George auditioned for the role in November, and spent four days filming the adverts at the end of the month.

He turned eight whilst filming, and Louise said the TV company surprised him with a big cake. She said: "To him it was just a bit of fun being spoilt for four days, staying in hotels and meeting the crew."

On their return journey home from filming, Louise said they met Watford’s Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, and had a lovely conversation about what George had been doing.

George attends a small drama club on Saturday mornings called Sticks and Stones, based in Bushey, and is also a member of The First Bushey Heath cubs.

Louise said the family are just going with it to see where it takes George, who is waiting to hear back from two film auditions.