A north Watford mother is trying to trace a Good Samaritan who helped her with the frantic rush to save her dog’s life after he was hit by a car.

Mary Pinkstone’s 15-month-old Jack Russell, Dexter, was fatally injured after he ran into the A41 last week.

As her dog lay seriously injured in the road a man in a car stopped to help her retrieve him and drove the pair to a vets in St Albans Road.

Mrs Pinkstone, 55, said at the time she was so upset she did not have a chance to thank the kind stranger.

She said: "I was so hysterical. I was just trying to keep the dog going. I could not think of a way to thank him as I was so panicked.

"By the time I had finished at the vets he had gone as I had to go round the back as they tried to resuscitate Dexter."

Before the fatal accident, Mrs Pinkstone had been for a walk with Dexter on the green near TopGolf on the morning of Friday, February 22.

The pair had been walking back to her home in Tudor Walk when the Jack Russell spotted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on the other side of the A41 and ran darted into the road to go and play with it.

Mrs Pinkstone said: "He thought ‘I am going to play with that dog’ and off he went. I screamed as soon as it happened."

After Dexter was hit by the car and the man pulled up in a white car and put the hazard lights on to help Mrs Pinkstone retrieve Dexter before driving them to Medivet in St Albans Road.

Vets made efforts to resuscitate Dexter, but he had passed away in the car. Mrs Pinkstone added: "He (the man) was totally calm and he was saying don’t worry. He was very reassuring. It is nice to think there are nice human beings.

"I am just so appreciative. I feel that, even though he died, if he could have been saved, him taking me there could have helped as otherwise there would have been no other way I could have got to the vets.

"I would have just been sat at the side of the road with him."

Mrs Pinkstone added that her children and grandson had been left shocked and saddened by Dexter’s death.

She said: "He was a real character, he played with everybody. We got him at eight weeks old and we have got some funny and lovely memories of him.

"He went a bit too early. He was part of our family. We are all a bit lost this week."

Anyone with information about the kind stranger who helped Mrs Pinkstone can contact her via email at mpinkstone115@aol.com.