Volunteer charity collectors are about to start knocking on doors in the Watford area on behalf of ADRA-UK which provides international aid to people in need.

ADRA-UK, an independent arm of the Seventh-day Adventist church which has its headquarters in Garston, works with partners to fund, manage and implement sustainable projects worldwide aimed at bringing about long-lasting change and helping people out of poverty regardless of ethnic, political or religious associations.

The charity has been empowering impoverished children, adults and communities for more than 25 years.

The charity’s projects, which are often undertaken with the aid of government grants, can be as simple as providing access to clean water or as complex as working with government departments to establish national policy frameworks.

Two new projects which will benefit from funds raised this year are: drilling new boreholes to provide a water supply for eight villages in the impoverished north African province of Bazega in Burkina Faso and providing an additional 30 primary schools for villages in the previously war-torn Karen area of Myanmar (Burma).

The charity is hoping to raise £1 million this year nationwide through its annual appeal, donations and fund-raising activities ranging from sponsored walks to benefit concerts to car washes and sales. The local collection will be undertaken during the period March 30 and April 14 and all collectors will be carrying ADRA-UK sealed collecting cans and official Home Office-approved identity badges.

To find out more visit http://www.adra.org.uk/