The mother of a Bushey six-year-old who had his beloved pet rabbits stolen over the Easter weekend said she is worried that the thieves could "strike again".

Generous offers have been flooding in from concerned residents after hearing that Joseph Brown, of Bournehall Avenue, had his two pets - Maisie and Daisy - stolen from his garden.

Thieves returned to steal the hutch a few days later.

Since hearing about the incident, the Watford Observer has been contacted by a number of caring and empathic residents who are eager to cheer the young boy’s spirits and offer up their own pet rabbits.

However, the incident has affected the family, who are cautious about getting another rabbit in fear that the cruel thieves might come back.

Joseph’s mother, Lisa Foster, 39, said: "It’s just a worry that they could strike again. You can’t help thinking that it could happen."

"We are really reluctant to get any now. To go through it all again would be horrible."

Miss Foster said she would love to get some more rabbits, but at this point she doesn’t want to risk having any.

Miss Foster said she really appreciates people’s kind offers and it makes her feel good that there are such caring people out there.