A number of schools in Hertfordshire will be closed or partially closed tomorrow due to planned teacher strikes.

The two largest teaching unions, NUT and NASUWT, have confirmed that teachers in Hertfordshire will strike for one day over national disputes around pay, pensions and working conditions, unless an agreement is reached.

Schools which plan to close or partially close: Watford: Cherry Tree Primary - Partially Closed - Nursery will be closed on Tuesday, October 1.

Field Junior Primary - Partially Closed - Years 3 & 4 will be closed on Tuesday, October 1.

Francis Combe Academy - Partially Closed - Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 will be closed on Tuesday, October 1.

Knutsford Primary - Partially Closed - Year 5 Maple closed PM ONLY. Children to be collected at 1.20pm on Tuesday, October 1.

Nascot Wood Infant & Nursery - Partially Closed - Year 1 - Orange Class (Mrs Hanson & Mrs Goodwin's Class). Year 1 - Purple Class (Miss Byrne's Class). Year 2 - Turquoise Class (Mrs Harland's Class) will all be closed on Tuesday, October 1. Year 2 - Lime Class (Mrs Scott's Class) will be taught for the morning only. Children in Lime Class will need to be collected at 1.20pm from the playground door.

Three Rivers: Shepherd Primary School - Partially Closed - Nursery, Reception Class C, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6 will be closed on Tuesday, October 1.

Sarratt Church of England - CLOSED Bushey: Bushey Academy - Partially Closed - closed on Tuesday, October 1 to everyone except Year 11. Open to Year 11 between 8.30am to 11am only.

Bushey Meads Secondary - CLOSED Meadow Wood - CLOSED Queens' Secondary - CLOSED Langleys: Kings Langley Primary - Partially Closed - Both Nursery classes, both Reception classes, both Year 1 classes, both Year 2 classes, both Year 3 classes, 4SM will be open for the morning, 4JB will be closed all day, both Year 5 classes, 6TW will be closed but 6AK will be open on Tuesday, October 1.

Kings Langley Secondary - CLOSED