MORE than 1,000 reusable bags were distributed to shoppers attending Watford FC's clash against Reading.

The One Watford bags were given out at Watford Football Club's shop on Saturday.

The limited edition bags will also be handed out at the Christmas carol concert at The Harlequin shopping centre at 6pm on Tuesday.

Residents are advised to follow the festive sounds to the link bridge on the Upper Mall to join in the choruses and pick up one of the free biodegradable drawstring bags.

Around 10 billion plastic bags are used by UK consumers every year - that is about 167 per person.

One Watford is a partnership to promote sustainability throughout the town.

By reusing the One Watford bags and refusing plastic supermarket bags, residents will be able to make a real difference to the local and national environments.

Locally, there will be fewer bags blowing around neighbourhoods as unsightly litter and nationally we can reduce the amount of waste sent to increasingly expensive landfill sites.

The organisations that make up One Watford are: Watford Borough Council Hertfordshire County Council Hertfordshire Police Authority South West Herts Business Partnership Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce Watford Community Safety Partnership Watford Council for Voluntary Services Watford District Children's Trust Partnership Watford Football Club Watford Observer Watford Town Centre Partnership West Hertfordshire NHS Primary Care Trust West Herts College