Heavy rainfall over the weekend resulted in a main road being closed through Rickmansworth and Chorleywood.

Chorleywood road was closed for just over 24 hours after extensive rainfall disrupted traffic.

David Henning, a spokesperson at Hertfordshire County Hall, said: "The road was closed due to flooding at around 9pm on Sunday night.

"One of our crews attended yesterday morning and ordered a gully cleansing vehicle. Two of these vehicles were onsite to mitigate any debris that may be causing the gullies to flood and the road was reopened around lunchtime yesterday."

Dan Phillips, at Hertfordshire Constabulary, said: "Police received a report of one vehicle stuck and another broken down in Chorleywood Road at 9.20am on Sunday.

"Highways were informed and officers attended as well however when they arrived the trapped vehicles had left the scene and the road appeared passable.

"Police received a further report at 5.20pm again of the road being flooded; officers attended and closed the road until Highways arrived at 7pm, at which point they took over the closure."