Amy Van Zyl, 28, from Leavesden could be forgiven for having an extra slice of Christmas cake with her husband Ray this year because she has lost four stone twelve pounds in just eight months.

At her heaviest, Amy was 14 stone five pounds, four of which she gained while pregnant with her son Ferdie.

Having been on a diet her whole life, Amy admitted to overindulging on takeaways, crisps and milkshakes during her pregnancy and neglecting exercise. Once her son was born she decided enough was enough.

She said: "I looked and felt awful and realised that I had to shape up to be good mum to Ferdie. I wanted to be a good role model for him.

"I began by visiting Watford Leisure Centre Woodside, operated by Everyone Active once a week.

Watford Observer:

"As my confidence grew, I started to work out more often and I now train up to three times a week.

"In the gym I use the cross trainer and treadmill for my cardio workout and weights to help strengthen and tone post-pregnancy trouble spots.

" I try to squeeze in a swim every now and then too and walk instead of drive whenever possible. The Everyone Active team have encouraged me every step of the way and they offer me advice on how to get the most from my training."

Alongside her training regime, Amy followed a diet plan.

She’s changed her diet and cut out processed foods and sweets and gave up eating crisps and takeaways. Her typical diet now is a boiled egg and low calorie toast for breakfast; homemade soup and a sandwich at lunch and lasagne with salad or something similar for dinner. She snacks on fruit and has also reduced her portions.

Watford Observer:

Everyone Active Fitness Manager Janine Rodgers said: "Amy is a great success story and an inspiration to other new mums looking to shed baby weight.

"We have all the tools people need to lose weight but they have to work with us and be committed: Amy has done that brilliantly and is now enjoying the rewards."

Amy’s efforts have paid off and eight months later, she is nine stone seven pounds and a dress size 10.

Her target is to lose another seven pounds to reach nine stone and she is working hard on this at Watford Leisure Centre Woodside.