A primary school in Bushey won the annual football penalty shoot out at Watford Football Club last month.

Girls and boys from Year 6 at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and Nursery took part in the tournament on Saturday, December 14. This was the second trophy the school won, after not winning anything for 20 years.

Mick Perretta, school football coach, said: "The boys and girls worked hard, practiced and prepared well for each stage of the tournament going on to win the quarter final, semi and then eventually the final.

"They showed fantastic team work, commitment and dedication.

"It was a very proud moment to be football coach to the children of Sacred Heart School and to be on the pitch along side them.

"As coach I felt as though I was watching the national team take crucial penalties in a match. With 15,000 fans watching in the stands and with Graham Taylor standing just feet away from us. I was probably more nervous than the children."