The number of burglaries reported in Three Rivers last month was the lowest in more than a decade, police figures reveal.

Figures released by Hertfordshire Constabulary show that six burglaries were reported in the district in December, making it the lowest number in a single month since 2001.

It is just the second time that burglary numbers have been in single digits, with eight being reported in December 2012.

Neighbourhood Inspector, Robin Winder, said: "We realise that December is the busiest month for house burglaries. It is easier to spot the properties that are unoccupied, and burglars know there are likely to be better pickings at Christmas time as people are buying presents to give to other people.

"Burglars need to buy presents themselves and they need to get more money in the run up to Christmas. So as a result, we carry out extra activities leading up to Christmas."

Inspector Winder said extra resources have been put in place to deter criminal activity, particularly at points such the M25 and the A41, where criminals might be travelling into the district.

He said that Three Rivers’ safer neighbourhood team carried out a lot of extra crime prevention work and utilised groups and services such as neighbourhood watch and the OWL crime reporting system.

Figures show that there was a substantial reduction in burglaries in December 2013 compared to the previous month, which saw 24 burglaries reported to the police. The highest number of burglaries in 2013 reached 27 in April.

In total, 232 burglaries were reported in 2013, compared to 239 in 2012 and 288 in 2011.

The highest number of burglaries reported to police since 2001 was 69 in January 2003.

Inspector Winder said police visited train and tube stations across the district during rush hour to advise commuters on ways to prevent burglary while they are at work by making sure their house looks occupied in the evenings.

Last January saw 22 burglaries reported to police, but Inspector Winder said his teams are not complacent and January will be a "busy month" for Hertfordshire Constabulary.

He added: "Whilst these figures are positive, we won’t be complacent and will continue our preventative work, and I hope that residents will continue to ensure they take steps to keep their properties secure."

Those who are new to Three Rivers and would like to arrange a visit from a local officer to receive advice on how to secure their property can contact police on 01923 472491.