A Sarratt mother is "so proud" of her "little Christmas cracker" who was born on December 25.

Janice Purcell, of Dimmocks Lane, gave birth to Orla Grace in the early hours of Christmas morning.

The secretary, who went into labour at about 9.40pm the night before, said Orla "was the nicest Christmas present".

Mrs Purcell and her property-developer husband, Darren, welcomed their 6lbs and 15oz daughter into the world at Watford General Hospital at 12.18am.

Mrs Purcell said: "She’s absolutely gorgeous and we’re so proud of her.

"Orla’s cot was decorated with tinsel because she was the first baby to be born on Christmas Day. It was really lovely and very special and the staff kept popping their heads in to see us. We were treated like royalty."

Orla is the couple’s first child and was due on Boxing Day.

Mrs Purcell added: "I keep calling her my little Christmas cracker."