Hertsmere Borough Council could become the first authority in the county to take advantage of a new levy which will replace the current system of planning arrangements between councils and developers.

CIL is a tax the council can charge developers for new developments in the area to help local authorities fund new infrastructure projects.

The levy, which is based on the size and type of a new development, is then used to contribute towards infrastructure that the local community wants and needs such as road schemes, schools, park improvements or a new health centre for example.

A proportion of the levy will also be available to local parish and town councils to spend on any local services which they deliver.

Councillor Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Localism, said: "The new levy is designed to be fairer, faster and more transparent and will give us a greater degree of freedom to set our own priorities for what the money should be spent on."

The charge will apply to most new developments where the proposed floor space or net additional floor space is 100 square metres or more. For more information visit www.hertsmere.gov.uk/CIL