New government proposals to introduce a five minute grace period before issuing parking tickets are not enough, say experts.

Under the new rethink, parking fines could be slashed following criticism that local authorities and councils are using parking enforcements as a “cash cow”.

However, Jonathan Flatman, co-founder and director of parking management company Park with Ease, is urging The Government to consider using more flexible parking systems.

Park with Ease, wants a fairer parking system so motorists don’t feel rushed when going about their leisure or work activities.

Flatman said: “Parking is one of the most inflexible parts of being a motorist and we want to see that change.

“It’s encouraging that The Government is now recognising this issue but we want to see even more flexible parking options for motorists.

“The UK needs to be flexible and fair with its parking, not simply punish people who have spent money in local shops and contributed to the economy.”