There will be two 48-hour strikes on the Tube next month, the RMT union has announced.

London Underground workers voted on Friday to go on strike over plans to close ticket offices and cut over 700 jobs.

Members, excluding driver grades, will not work between noon on February 4 until 11.59am on February 6 and between noon on February 11 until 11.59am on February 13.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said the action is the result of the plans which would lead to the axing of jobs and the closure of ticket offices "at a time when the tube network is under growing pressure from customer demand and needs more staff and not less to ensure safe and efficient operation."

He said: "Not only are a thousand posts on the line but staff remaining are going to be forced through the humiliating and degrading experience of re-applying for their own jobs - the same staff that have been hailed as heroes when the tube has faced emergency situations.

"That is a kick in the teeth for the loyal and experienced tube workforce who has kept services running safely and efficiently under constant pressure from weight of demand and a creaking and under-resourced infra-structure."