Bushey residents have contacted their local councillor to help solve parking issues at the Conservative club.

Staff at Bushey Conservative Club have started parking in the area facing St James Church in Bushey Hall Road, in the heart of the Conservation Area, despite a long-standing agreement by the club not to park there, and to keep the gates closed except for deliveries.

They have also been leaving their rubbish bins beside the Lychgate, according to villagers, and a rubbish skip for the club has been placed on the Green, accompanied by workmens’ vans also parking there.

The club steward was spoken to by Bushey St James Councillor Carey Keates, but he said it has not made a difference.

Angry residents have asked councillors to request the council to withdraw keys to the gate from the club. They have also said they would like the club to put their bins away, instead of being an eyesore left in front of the Lychgate.

Councillor Keates said: "The Conservative Club has been an integral part of the village for decades, it is a shame that one person has taken it upon himself to behave in this way, and totally disrespect not only the historic area in front of the church, but the feelings of the village residents."

The club did not want to comment on the matter.