Three Rivers has the largest number of Neighbourhood Watch members out of all the districts in Hertfordshire.

A total of 14,783 residents have signed up to the scheme, equating to 42 per cent of the district’s population.

Neighbourhood Watch works by creating an area where householders look out for each other’s homes and outbuildings, report suspicious activity, deter criminals (with signage, stickers and property marking) and get information and advice from their local policing team about how to prevent crime.

Three Rivers’ chief inspector, Catherine Akehurst, said: "We give our full support to Neighbourhood Watch in Three Rivers and work very closely with its members, because we see the real benefit it can have in creating safer, stronger communities.

"Crime has reduced by 13 per cent since April, compared to the previous year, resulting in over 280 fewer victims and I firmly believe that we couldn’t achieve such reductions without the vital contribution of Neighbourhood Watch.

"My Safer Neighbourhood Teams are committed to increasing the number of residents signed up to the scheme and have been working in a number of ways to do this. I would urge people to contact their local Safer Neighbourhood Team if they would like to sign up, or find out more."

In a recent drive to recruit more members local Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and officers from the South Oxhey Safer Neighbourhood Team recently knocked on 800 doors in Oxhey Hall and Oxhey Village as part of the Safer Streets initiative, signing people up to Neighbourhood Watch and giving out crime prevention advice.

Neighbourhood Watch District Co-ordinator for Three Rivers, Sue Thompson said: "I fully believe that our recent crime reduction successes can be attributed, in part, to the hard work being put in by the ward, area and street co-ordinators we have working across the district.

"We pride ourselves on setting up meetings at all levels, and by email, OWL messages and phone calls we manage to communicate regularly with our Safer Neighbourhood Team officers."

Neighbourhood Sergeant for South Oxhey, Luke Mitchell, said: "There are so many benefits to being a member of Neighbourhood Watch. It helps to build a strong community, working together for a safer neighbourhood, it helps to reduce crime and it can also reduce your home insurance.

"We also know that burglars will avoid committing crimes in a location which is easily recognisable as a strong Neighbourhood Watch area. We encourage as many residents as possible to get involved with Neighbourhood Watch."

To sign up or find out more email with your name, address and telephone number.