The cost of parking will go up in Hertsmere from June.

On-street tariffs will rise from 20p to 50p for one hour, from £1 to £1.50 for one to two hours and from £3 to £4 for four to five hours. The first half hour of street parking is currently free. Off-street car parks will increase from 50p to 70p for the first hour, £1 to £1.30 for one to two hours, and from £3 to £4 for four to five hours.

The changes were agreed at an executive meeting at Hertsmere Borough Council’s offices in Borehamwood on Wednesday night.

The council also proposed spending £1.3 million on maintenance and upgrading council-owned car parks.

Leader of the Hertsmere Labour Party Councillor Ann Harrison said the council needed the additional revenue and needed to be able to maintain the car parks.

She said: "I say it’s probably regrettable we have to put them up in the current financial climate but it’s probably inevitable. One has to hope it doesn’t impact any of our local shops."

Annual residential parking permit charges will go up £10, with the council allowing a maximum of four per house.

It is estimated this could create an additional income of £3,250 however this does not account for the potential drop in permits requested.

The report said: "On-going reductions in revenue support grant funding, has resulted in an inability to provide a subsidy directly to this service, the charges proposed are designed to ensure a breakeven outcome for the next financial year."

Councillor Jean Heywood, Environment and Transport Portfolio Holder, said: "As most people are aware, local councils are still facing tough decisions in the ongoing financial climate. 

"To help us save money, we consulted a random selection of residents from a representative cross section of the borough on how we could do things differently. 

"Using a sophisticated consultation process, we asked them about car parking charges and the majority said they would accept a small increase to help us generate additional income so this is what we are having to do. 

"The extra money will be used to repair our car parks and will also help us protect other council services that residents have told us are more important to them.”

The signage changes will cost the council £4,000 and the charges will be implemented in June.