A Game of Thrones fan who decorated her car with emblems of the programme has said she is "very excited" that her childhood village will be temporarily changing its name.

Jan Cunnington, who grew up in Kings Langley but now lives in Abbots Langley, in Cherry Hollow, gave her car a Game of Thrones makeover in November last year.

The 54-year-old said: "I’ve never had a new car before and I knew I wanted to get it personalised in some way. It’s just something I wanted to do because it’s a bit different.

"I took my Game of Thrones designs to the business I had chosen to do it and they did exactly what I wanted. I really loved both the series and the books, I just think it’s so brilliant, and I’ve always been really into dragons.

"I chose "To Love Life" as the motto to go on the car because we all have a great life in my family."

Watford Observer:

Kings Langley is being re-named 'Kings Landing' in February to mark the release of the third series of Game of Thrones on DVD.

Dacorum Borough Council and Kings Langley Parish Council are working with HBO Home Entertainment to change the village name for one week only. Kings Landing is the capital of the fictional kingdom in the historical fantasy HBO series.

Mrs Cunnington said: "I was very excited to hear the news. I grew up in Kings Langley and I think it will be really good for the village. It will definitely put it on the map. It’s just a shame there is not more of the castle at the top of the hill because that would have been very in keeping with the theme."

From Monday, February 17, the village’s two main signs will officially have a Game of Thrones makeover to read ‘Kings Landing’.

Councillor Alan Anderson said: "This re-naming is a great opportunity to put Kings Langley and Dacorum on the map. You can't ignore the parallels between Kings Langley's own rich history and the themes in the show such as battling kings and warring families." HBO and Dacorum and Kings Langley Councils are encouraging all fans to pilgrimage to the signs for the week of the release.

Mrs Cunnington added: "I’d really encourage anyone who hasn’t seen the programme or read the books to do either."