A housing association’s mentoring scheme has been "inspiring", according to the chief executive of the National Housing Federation.

The scheme, which trains housing association board members, was created by Elspeth Mackenzie, chief executive Thrive Homes, and Kate Russell from the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust.

It was put together with the help of experts from the Housing Diversity Network, which specialises in diversity-related mentoring, training and advice across the housing sector.

The National Housing Federation’s chief executive, David Orr, spoke at the final workshop run as part of a six-month board mentoring pilot.

Mr Orr said: "This programme has been inspiring and mentoring should be used as a basis of support for all board members.

"We want board members who are experts at being board members, which means analysing information, asking the right questions and confidently applying the process of giving or withholding consent to decisions."

Thrive Homes owns and manages more than 4,100 homes across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.