Play areas in Three Rivers are one step closer to becoming smoke-free.

At a meeting of the Leisure and Community Safety Policy and Scrutiny committee on Wednesday, January 15, councillors agreed officers’ recommendation that signs be placed in the district’s play areas stating that they are smoke-free.

In documents submitted to the council, officers state that the purpose of the signs will act to "reduce children’s exposure to second-hand smoke", to "reduce children’s exposure to the image of adults smoking, and the potential to encourage them to take up smoking", and "to increase public expectation that public areas will be smoke-free".

There are 26 play areas under the control of Three Rivers in the district.

Watford and Three Rivers Health and Wellbeing Partnership have agreed to pay the £1,989 required to place two A3 signs at each of the sites.

Officers stated in the report submitted to the committee that: "This is an essential element to reducing the prevalence of smoking in Three Rivers.

"Whilst the area is meeting its smoking quit targets, the recruitment of new smokers to the habit replaces those that have quit."

The recommendations will be put forward to politicians at the Executive Committee on January 27, where the final decision will be made.