A "deeply dishonest and irresponsible" man from Watford has been jailed for three years after dodging more than £50,000 worth of tax and National Insurance.

Alex Adeniran, of Cassiobury Drive, failed to disclose earnings of almost £370,000 from his computer consultancy business. During this time, the 48-year-old also evaded Child Support maintenance of £53,000 for his two children.

He was jailed for three years at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) discovered that Adeniran’s company, Divinus Consulting Ltd, had issued monthly invoices between 2006 and 2009, despite the company appearing to be dormant.

Adeniran asked for payment to be made directly into his personal bank account but failed to declare any income, claiming at one point he was a student.

John Cooper, assistant director of criminal investigation, HMRC said: "Adeniran thought that paying tax was something that only other people did, and persistently lied to HMRC officers.

"We are determined to track down criminals who commit tax fraud and show honest, law abiding people that this type of crime does not pay."

During the same period he stated at a Child Support Agency Appeal Tribunal that he was a student and was supported by his wife and family with no personal income - reducing the payments that he should have paid from £208 a week to zero.

Adeniran denied HMRC charges of fraudulently evading income tax, contrary to the Fraud Act 2006, and one Child Support Agency offence of evading a liability under the Theft Act 1978.

Stuart Richards, head of legal enforcement for the Child Support Agency, said: "This man had tried every way to avoid paying child support for his children from the start of his child support case, incurring huge arrears.

"This has resulted in one of his properties being sold to clear his debt built up over seven years. "Then he misled a tribunal to avoid supporting his children for the rest of their childhood causing his first family a great deal of distress.

"This joint prosecution shows that the links we have with HMRC will help bring to justice those who avoid their responsibilities toward their children."

During sentencing, His Honour Judge Christopher Parker said: "You are a 48-year-old man, highly intelligent and well educated and capable of looking after your family and making provisions, but underneath you are deeply dishonest and irresponsible, shirking your responsibilities in taxation."