Work on a large-scale rhododendron control plan will begin in a South Oxhey nature reserve next month.

Large areas of invasive rhododendron in Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve, near to the easy access sculpture trail, will be rounded up and burned.

The work will be carried out by the Countryside Management Service in partnership with Three Rivers District Council.

Native trees such as birch and oak will inhabit the cleared areas, which will be monitored to ensure any re-growth of rhododendron is removed.

The phased programme will see invasive rhododendron gradually being removed and replanted with less aggressive ornamental rhododendron.

Groups such as the Oxhey Woods Conservation Volunteers will also be assisting with the work and are planning a major task on Wednesday, March 5 to remove rhododendron on the periphery of the easy access trail.

Oxhey Woods will remain open whilst work takes place, but the carpark and some areas around the easy access trail may be closed for short periods whilst machinery moves around the woodland.

To find out more about the work planned, contact Alex Laurie at Countryside Management Service on 01992 556612 or email