An application to extend the club house at a Bovingdon golf course was approved by councillors last week.

Dacorum Borough Council’s development control committee discussed the application for the single-story expansion of Little Hay Golf Club’s clubhouse at a meeting on Thursday, January 16.

All attending councillors voted in favour of the development.

The expansion of the clubhouse comes at the same time as proposals have been put forward to completely remodel the golf course, which would involve 295,000 cubic metres of inert materials, or "clean soils", arriving to the site by heavy goods vehicles over a proposed 18-month period.

The plans were submitted by Dacorum Sports Trust, who lease the golf complex from Dacorum Borough Council.

Some residents have expressed concern about the plans, having assumed that this would mean using the golf complex as a landfill dumping ground, and the borough and county council have yet to approve them.