A Kings Langley resident has started a petition to improve road safety in the village following "two fatalities in the last few years".

Cheryl Hall, who lives in the village, has started a petition to improve road safety on the stretch of Hempstead Road between Kings Langley and Hemel Hempstead.

She said: "There have been two fatalities in the last few years on this small section of road. The north end of the village is a common crossing point for children making their way to and from the local primary school. I would like the county council to consider these solutions by adding a crossing at the north end of village, raising existing crossings onto wide 'speed humps’, adding illuminated speed signs before entering village and installing a speed camera at north end of village."

She added: "This isn't about penalising drivers, it’s about making the village safe for its residents, their families and their children."

Richard Roberts, county councillor for Kings Langley, said he has already asked Highways officials to look into road safety in the area.

He added: "All the suggestions that she is making are issues we look at regularly. It’s absolutely right that we look into this road and see if there’s a problem."

A man died earlier this month after the car he was driving collided with a taxicab in Hempstead Road. The accident happened on Monday, January 6 and involved a blue Ford Focus and a silver TX4 taxicab, which was travelling in the opposite direction. The driver of the Ford Focus died at the scene. The driver and the two passengers of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries.

Councillor Roberts said: "We must not jump to conclusions about the cause of the accident."

A spokesman for Hertfordshire County Council said: "We are happy to hear comments from Hertfordshire residents and businesses about improvements that can be made to roads in their area. Petitions are one way that people can do this. However, before considering whether or not to raise a petition we would encourage people to discuss the issue with their county councillor."

The petition has received 169 signatures to date and villagers have taken the opportunity to express their concerns about the stretch of road.

Gill Cresswell said: "I cross this road with my three children every day on the way to school, having a crossing point would not only allow us to cross in safety but would also slow the traffic down on entering the village making it safer for pedestrians and motorists alike."

Paula Craggs added: "We cross this road when walking to and from the village. It has in recent years become busier and the traffic has become faster. A crossing point would make it far easier and safer."

Ms Hall is nearing her target of 200 signatures and plans to present the petition to Councillor Roberts.