The BBC television's Tonight investigation into the theory that South Oxhey has more neurosis than other communities drew thousands of local LCC [London County Council] tenants to their TV sets on Wednesday.

Their reaction - that the BBC had done a good job in presenting a balanced report of local views on the subject in a rather short feature.

Children, adolescents, a Methodist minister and a railwayman were among the people interviewed. Their views as reported by ‘Tonight’ included an acceptance of a high degree of neurosis by some (the minister, Rev S. Weary thought neurosis might be due to heavy hire purchase commitments).

Yesterday (Thursday) Mr G. Faversham, of Chilwell Gardens, said that although one of the ladies interviewed spoke of the people who were weekly moving back to London, he was sure many Londoners could be found eager to come to South Oxhey.

[From the Watford Observer of January 31, 1958]

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