A Polish school set up by friends in Watford three years ago was visited by the town’s mayor.

Dorothy Thornhill was given a tour of the Polish Saturday School, which is held in West Herts College.

She observed a lesson, spoke with the teachers and played with the children. At the end of her visit she was given a hand-made Polish angel souvenir.

Agnieszka Dychton and her friends Bernadeta Adamus, Aleksandra Rybarczyk, Anna Ferreira and Monika Salaga opened the school three years ago, which is for children aged three to 16-years-old.

She said: "It was a great occasion to meet Polish people, see how they live and how they find their own place in the town.

"Dorothy had a chance to talk with people and listen to their concerns and ideas about how we can do more for the town.

"She was pleased and surprised about how professionally everything is organised."

The school caters for just under 200 children, and teaches culture, tradition, writing, reading, and speaking in Polish.