The shadow Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman headed up a conference in Watford looking at Labour’s plans for the next election.

The MP for Camberwell and Peckham joined other Labour candidates and members at West Herts College on Saturday (January 25) for the Third Place First conference.

The meeting was aimed at Labour's strategy for winning seats where it came third at the last election, such as Watford.

Following the meeting Ms Harman said Watford was an important marginal seat and one Labour is targeting at the next election.

Talking about the message the party wanted to project in the town, she said: "I think it is basically recognising people’s aspirations to get on in life, to make sure if they run a small business that they get help with the rates.

"I think it is basically we are listening very carefully to what people in Watford are saying as the people in Watford represent a large swathe of people who want to get on and with government backing can generate economic growth."

Watford Observer:

Harriet Harman with Watford's Labour Candidate, Matt Turmaine

The deputy leader of the Labour party said she was also confident the party could win back voters next year that it lost to the Liberal Democrats while in power.

The Liberal Democrats came a close second in Watford in 2010, only losing to the current Conservative MP, Richard Harrington, by 1,425 votes.

Ms Harman said: "I think in 2010 the Liberal Democrats said voting Lib Dem would be a vote to stop the Tories getting in. Now the Lib Dems support the Tories and have been backing the Tories in Government by voting with them all the way.

"So in 2015 they have shown their true colours. By voting with the Tories they have broken their promises and people will remember they promised to abolish tuition fees and then voted to treble them."