A new nappy recycling plant capable of handling more than 36,000 tonnes of waste could be coming to Watford.

Knowaste, which launched the first recycling facility in the UK for absorbent hygiene products in 2011, is looking at Watford as a possible location for a new larger site.

The new facility would recycle products such as nappies, which can be used to create an additive for concrete production, extrusion products, plastic sheets, flood defence systems and even containers for used disposable nappies.

The site will include facilities for washing, separation and drying processes.

Paul Richardson, business development director at Knowaste, said: "The location of the new facility is critical and Watford is one place we are looking at. We want to find an optimal site close to sources of sustainable heat, power and water that is also optimally located for us to meet the demands of local authorities and hygiene companies".