A crack-down on charity street-collectors, or "chuggers" has been launched by Watford Borough Council.

These fundraisers collect direct-debit donations in the street for charities and are often the subject of annoyance due to their persistence.

The council’s licensing committee will meet in March to consider regulating this activity in order to ensure visitors to the new look top-of-town are not "unduly inconvenienced".

New rules being considered could see "chugging" in the High Street strictly limited - or even banned.

Plans include:

- A ban on chugging in The Parade.

- A limit of four fundraisers in the High Street between Clarendon Road and Charter Place, and no more than two allowed between Charter Place and King Street.

- Street fundraisers to operate on three days a week and not on the same days as charity cash collectors.

- Charity cash collections will be allowed on the other four days of the week, although no more than six collectors will be allowed at any one time.

- Up to four collectors could be allowed in Queens Road between the High Street and Exchange Road.

Councillor Jan Brown, chairman of the committee, said: "We want to bring vibrancy and colour into the town centre to enhance the street scene and the improvements to The Parade.

"At the same time, we want to place sensible limits on charitable collections to ensure that organisations have a fair opportunity of asking for contributions whilst not unduly inconveniencing people going about their business."

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